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Our Caregivers

The heart and soul of Quality First Healthcare Services is our exceptionally compassionate and highly skilled caregiving team. We understand that it requires a great deal of trust to allow a caregiver to come into the sanctity of the home of a senior loved one, and we go to great lengths to earn that trust and to provide families with the confidence and reassurance they need.

When someone expresses interest in being part of the Quality First Healthcare Services team, we begin an extensive process of interviewing, background checking, and ensuring that the individual is someone we would want providing care for our own senior loved ones. Our caregivers are all state-certified nursing assistants (CNAs and PCAs), fully trained and equipped to meet a wide range of senior care needs.

We also employ professional nurses (RNs and LPNs) to allow us to meet a full range of both medical and non-medical needs. We begin with the creation of a customized plan of care by one of our nurses, who then oversees all care and can adjust the plan as needs change over time.