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Our Story

Our founder’s goal was then, and remains today, to build a company that will “promote independence, healing and comfort by providing quality and compassionate in-home care services at home.” It means we go above and beyond simply taking care of tasks for seniors, but approach care needs holistically, addressing both physical needs and all the intangible aspects of wellness – enabling the whole person to achieve the highest possible quality of life.

We have devoted our life to ensuring that seniors have access to compassionate, personalized care at home. We believe that older adults deserve quality time devoted to truly listening and getting to know them, and to feel as though they are part of our family. It is why we take time to personally visit and interact with each senior in our care just as much as our in-home caregivers do, always going the extra mile to make a personal connection – hand delivering Christmas gifts, sharing our personal phone number, and simply sharing in each person’s life.

At Quality First, families can be rest assured in knowing that they and their senior loved one will be heard, respected, and cared for – because we truly do put quality first.